What is Web Development ?

In this Article we will discuss about what is Web Development and How to become a Web Developer? Web Development the word comes from Web and Development which means developing a website which will run in the web browser. The website can be a Static or Dynamic website .

Static Website

The static website which you can see /visualize the look and feel , but don’t have any functionality integrated in it. 

e.g: The Facebook page what your seeing that is static website.

Dynamic Website

The website where the static website is integrated with some functionality so that user can interact on it, can do some activities.

e.g: In the same Facebook pages you can post photo/videos , chat with friends , do like comment, share photos etc. so these are called the functionality of the website.

To develop the website there is different phases like designing , developing, testing and deploying the website to the web browser. 

To design the website there is Graphic/ UX designer and Frontend designer/UI designer required for it.

To make the website dynamic Frontend Developer and Backend developer required , who will integrated the functionality for the website as per requirements of clients. 


 Skills required 

Graphic / UX designer: 

Photoshop, Figma , Adobe , Sketch etc.

Frontend Developer/ UI Developer

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS, WordPress etc.

Backend Developer:

Node JS, Ruby , Php, Java .NET, MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB etc.


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