How to become a Frontend Developer?

The Frontend developer job is the most trendy nowadays. In the industry, it has a good opportunity for the experiences and the freshers as well.

The Frontend Developer role is very important in the project, as they are involved from the initial level to the end of the project deployment, so they must aware of all the requirements of the project. The UI team first coordinates with the UX team for the mockup/ prototype of the project and then start the project structure and design as per the prototype. After completion of the design, they need to do the frontend side code integration and coordinate with the backend team for the further development process of the project.

To become a Frontend developer you must have the skills like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (or any CSS framework like – Foundation, skeleton), Tailwind CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, React JS, Angular JS, Material design, WordPress, and should have exposure in any code repository like GitHub/ Bitbucket and tools like SVN / GIT. You can learn and practice the technology easily and can start web development.

How to Start Frontend Development :

There are so many sources from where you can learn the technology- w3school, To start learning you must first install any of a code editor – VsCode, notepad++, Sublime, Atom, etc, to know the installation steps you can visit our website EduTechTutorial or can check the video tutorials.

Salary of Frontend Developer

The basic salary of a Frontend developer starts from 3.6LPA to 20LPA and can goes more, it depends upon how much experience you have and what are the trending skill set exposure you have.

Job Description of Frontend Developer

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