About Us

Who We Are?

Hi All, I am Rashmita Das, a senior software engineer having 8 years of experience in major IT reputed companies. Working as a Frontend Developer with skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, React Js, Angular Js, WordPress, etc. 

What you will Learn?

In this blog, I will share all my real-time experience of the Software Development process and the company how the project works. Here you can learn all the Frontend Development skills, interview preparation and so in.

Who Can Learn?

Learning does not have a limitation, anyone can learn!

This blog is for the Freshers, Beginner level Engineer who are starting their career and wants to be Frontend Developer.  

If you are not into IT background but still want to start your career in the IT field then you can also achieve it by following the series of Web development articles and Interview preparation Questions and Answers. 

If anyone has any doubts or wants any suggestions on choosing the career path can reach me at my Youtube(UITechTutorial), LinkedIn, Instagram or directly can send mail.